Are you ever too young or too old to sing?

5 years old is about the youngest that can typically be worked with effectively.  There is no limit to how old someone is in order to sing or even start singing.  David has worked with men and women into their 70's with no previous singing experience, with great results. 

Are some people just helpless and tone deaf?

No, unless there is a serious mental disability, everyone can learn how to sing, and sing on pitch.  Ear training is one of the first steps to work on with some people who lack musical experience.  David has had many people who couldn't hit a note to save their souls, quickly develop proper ear training. 

What if I live far away and can't attend in person lessons?

No problem!  David works with singers halfway around the globe via SKYPE or Facetime with great results. 

How long are lessons?

Typical lessons last about 30 minutes.  Some singers like to do 60 minutes.  Every week, or every other week are options.  

What should I bring to my lesson?

Anything you can use to record the lesson and listen back to it throughout the week works.  Either a smartphone like the iPhone, or Galaxy and use a voice memo recording application, or just bring a USB memory stick.  David can record the lesson and put it on your USB so you can save it to your computer and listen later. 

What separates David from other vocal coaches?

Experience.  There are some good vocal teachers out there.  You might notice many of them just vocal coach, which can be a good thing or a bad thing.  David performs regularly and can give valuable insight of what it is to be a gigging singer/songwriter and can give performance coaching etc.  He is also an accomplished songwriter and composer with music placements currently on multiple channels; he can also help you with songwriting and music business.