Singing doesn't always have to be hard or a big mystery.  It should be liberating, and fun.  Join the hundreds of Sacramento area singers who have trained under David James.  

All Ages - All Levels

All Styles - Always Fun


Need experience with music and singing. Need to learn the basics. Generally younger, but can be any age.                   



Beginners Learn:

-Fundamental Vocal Technique

-Singing High & Low Notes

-How To Use A Microphone

-Singing On Pitch





Have some experience singing in front of an audience and can sing relatively well. They feel somewhat comfortable singing in front of others.  Need to feel more comfortable performing live. Need to increase control, range, or power in their voice.


Intermediate Singers:

-Train For Upcoming Performance

-Fix Breaks/Flips In Voice

-Increase Range & Power

-Increase Confidence

-Learn To Harmonize

-Learn To Songwrite






Perform regularly, and feel fairly confident in their voice.  Have specific issues in the voice that need addressing and fine tuning.  Often want to advance their career with management/consultation.


Advanced Singers:

-Fine Tune Performance

-Fix Vocal Issues & Tendencies

-Increase Endurance

-Improve Tone


& Often

-Seek Artist Management/Consultation

-Seek Songwriters 

-Seek Musicians

-Seek To Record